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New wall by Vhils in Berlin

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils was recently in Berlin and created this fantastic wall with a new portrait of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. To this magnificent piece has Vhils added a third eye, the eye of providence. Surely as … Continue reading

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‘Meeting de los estilos Argentina 2011′ – Video documental

Aquí un documental muy interesante de aproximadamente 15 minutos acerca del primer MOS en Buenos Aires, Argentina y que incluye artistas renombrados como Vhils (cubierto), Jaz (cubierto) y Liliwenn entre … Continue reading

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Nuevas piezas de C215 en las calles de Amsterdam

Christian Guémy aka C215 es un artista francés que utiliza principalmente stencils en la producción de su arte. Su carrera como estencilista comenzó en el 2006 aunque, ya para la … Continue reading

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New Escif in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish artist Escif was recently in Buenos Aires on a graffiti tour with Blu and painted this new wall. Unlike what we’re used to see from this artist, that means … Continue reading

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Paula Scher’s Book of Lying “Maps”. Not a review

Paula Scher is a renowned American graphic designer, illustrator, painter and art educator in design. Since the early 1990s, Scher has been creating remarkable, obsessive, giant hand-painted typographic maps of … Continue reading

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Dabs Myla en Los Angeles

Recientemente presentamos el trabajo de este dúo australiano, Dabs Myla , aún en progreso. Después de cuatro días de intenso trabajo la pieza, que está ubicada en el Culver City … Continue reading

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New Blu mural in Buenos Aires

Finally updating the blog again *sigh*… I am just loving this new piece by Blu; it really is something for itself. The new mural shows the disintegration of the planet … Continue reading

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Frank Kunert – Photographs of Small Worlds

Frank Kunert’s work can sometimes be a bit tricky and it can take you a moment to work out what is wrong with the scene you’re looking at. But there … Continue reading

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Banksy in London

Yep… one post about what Banksy has been up to the last couple of weeks, but only because I think they were funny,  except for the 2nd pic which looks awfully … Continue reading

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New Blu in Buenos Aires

Blu is in Buenos Aires and has just finished another politically charged mural. This time the mural features six people being grilled over a bonfire of 100 pesos bills. The theme … Continue reading

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