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Nawer x LXone x Remi Rough New Mural In Paris


Remi Rough, LXone and Nawer where until recently in Paris for the opening of the new Graffuturism exhibition at the Openspace Gallery where they also painted this new sweet collaboration.
Titled “Graffuturism Paris” the new exhibition will be featuring work from the Graffuturist group which includes pieces by Poesia (US) Remi Rough (GB) Sambre (FR) Sat One (DE) Sirius 156 (FR) Sowat (FR) Tanc (FR) Thomas Canto (FR) Tomek (FR) WXYZ (FR) Clemens Behr (DE) Erosie (NL) Graphic Surgery (NL) Hense (US) Nawer (PL) Nelio (FR) and Pener (PL) among others. This 100 days of exhibition will also include 4 solo exhibitions from Kofie, Rae Martini, Doze Green, and Pro 176 so this is definitely a must see.

If you are in the area you will find this new mural near the gallery.

20130419-202604.jpg 20130419-202623.jpg

20130419-202610.jpg 20130419-202637.jpg 20130419-202629.jpg


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