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Nelio – New Murals in Paris


French artist Nelio painted this wonderful mural a few days ago in collaboration with Kenor. The new wall is an intricate puzzle of abstract forms and bright colours enhanced by the black background, and with some “special guest” additions by Pez. The work of these two artists certainly melts together brilliantly.

Nelio and Kenor are also part of the new Graffuturism show which just opened las Saturday at the Openspace Gallery in Paris. Titled “Graffuturism Paris” the new exhibition features work from the Graffuturist group which includes pieces by Poesia (US) Remi Rough (GB) Sambre (FR) Sat One (DE) Sirius 156 (FR) Sowat (FR) Tanc (FR) Thomas Canto (FR) Tomek (FR) WXYZ (FR) Clemens Behr (DE) Erosie (NL) Graphic Surgery (NL) Hense (US) Nawer (PL) Nelio (FR) and Pener (PL) among others. This 100 days of exhibition will also include 4 solo exhibitions from Kofie, Rae Martini, Doze Green, and Pro 176 so this is definitely a must see.

In addition to this nice collaboration, Nelio painted another wall in the streets of Paris featuring his signature style.




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