Urban Pill

Blu New Mural In Niscemi, Italy


We know its full spring when Blu starts to paint. Following Roma and Bologna earlier this year, Blu is currently in Sicily where he painted this huge wall in solidarity with the “No Muos” movement which fight for its citizens concern about the consequences of the installation of such a system: human health, Niscemi’s Sughereta ecosystem, quality of agricultural products, the right to mobility and development of the territory, the right to peace and of course the security of the territory and its habitants.
Its these kind of concerns which Blu addresses in his mural; the opposition of Sicilians to these monstrous machines coming from USA and which not only contaminate the environment with electromagnetic signals, but also seeds death and unrest.

We also need to add that considerations for peoples health and safety induced Sicily to revoke their consent for the Niscemi installation. Nevertheless, the US government appears to disregard local authorities and peaceful demonstrations helped by the fact that,  the new Italian government had not yet been formed…

blu_niscemi_urbanpill-1 blu_niscemi_urbanpill-2

blu_niscemi_urbanpill-3 blu_niscemi_urbanpill-5 blu_niscemi_urbanpill-6


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