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IEMZA x MTO New Installation In Muizon, France


German artist MTO and French IEMZA just finished this new and fantastic collaborative project titled “Le grand jeu”, sponsored by “BMG graphic design” alias Brice Martin Graser who also served as picture model.

The new installation, painted in an abandoned building in Muizon’s industrial area showcases MTO’s typical an always incredible photorealistic portrait and IEMZA’s always fascinating animals and as he explains “Le grand jeu” ( the big game ) is the name of an artistic movement and a review created in Reims (France) between 1928 & 1932.

« Le Grand Jeu est irrémédiable ; il ne se joue qu’une fois.Nous voulons le jouer à tous les instants de notre vie. »— Roger Gilbert-Lecomte.

If you are in the area you will find it at Corner N31 & route de gueux (49°16’21.17″N 3°53’22.22″E)



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