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JAZ “Religious Drinking” New Mural in Vitry, France


Argentinian Franco Fasoli (also known as JAZ) is currently in France where he painted this new and monochromatic wall somewhere around beautiful Vitry.

Titled “Religious Drinking” the image shows headless lions arranged in a rather ritualistic way around a circular and empty center. At first sight he image feels contradictory, specially when taking in consideration the word “drinking”. How can a headless lion “drink” and how can that action be religious? Is the artist referring to our attitude to religion or way of seeing life? Whatever the answer is, that’s a question that only the artist can answer for now, but the motive is a somehow recurrent image in Franco Fasoli’s imagery as we can see herea piece painted for his newly inaugurated exhibition “Battlefield” at the Artifex Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium.


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