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DALeast New Murals In London


DALeast is currently in London where he just completed this wonderful piece above along with two others in the past week (pictures below). This new mural is probably one of his best pieces so far this year. Im particularly loving the way he draws the air bubbles in the background.

DAL-london-urbanpill-1a DAL-london-urbanpill-2 DAL-london-urbanpill-3


4 comments on “DALeast New Murals In London

  1. Great stuff! Not heard of DALeast before . Nice paintings. Cheers

    • FranCacirano
      May 11, 2013

      yes! he started being hyped/promoted by my colleague from streetartnews back in 2011 hehe… He has done some very good pieces, specially the one in Melun, France in 2012. Was huge.

      • Thanks for your reply. Is your colleague from Street Art News .com or .net? Anything to do with Street Art London the people who organised the recent stuff in Chichester where Phlegm painted his brilliantly huge mural? Or is that somebody completely different? Yesterday I put up on Postcard Cafe some black and white shots of Phlegm latest hidden Sheffield painting Tragedy and Comedy ;-) Best wishes, N

      • FranCacirano
        May 11, 2013

        Net. No nothing to do with street art london… We are just street art fans :)

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