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Axel Void New Mural In Bergen, Norway


Multidisciplinary artist Alejandro Dorda Mevs, also known as Axel Void  just finished this new mural here in the city of Bergen.
Funny enough, someone who knows Void got an e-mail from him asking if this person was still in town, unfortunately (for me and Void) he wasn’t, but that made me have a look at the local websites to see if I found something. Surprisingly (or maybe not) there was plenty of stuff about his arrival and stay in town. Void was here invited by the local art collective Bergen Street Art which, in collaboration with the city council, runs a project that intends to invite artist from abroad so local kids have the opportunity to come in contact with them through workshops and other activities.
Axel Void, known for his dark imagery, seems this time to step away from his usual darkness and into the light, rendering the beautiful and peaceful image of a mother and her child in delicate whites and greys.
If you are in Bergen you can see this piece at the Faculty of Social Sciences (the backyard).


Pics courtesy of Svennevenn


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