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“Future Is Now” New Piece by Escif In Valencia, Spain


Escif‘s latest piece, painted in his hometown Valencia, shows the iconic image of a cassette with the words “Hoy es el futuro” or “Future is now” which refers to a song by the punk band La Polla Records with the same title. The song in question goes as follows:

Life goes on
cruel, strange time
implacable and beautiful,
lengthening the past
shrinking the present,
handing inevitable futures,
getting together and separating people.
Today is the future.
Now is the future.
That’s because life is agony and we live in agony.
Until the incomparable moment of death.
You only have the present.

Or something like that. My translation isn’t perfect but I guess you get the idea. Escif, who also added the video below as a reference, delivers as usual a piece that makes you scratch your head while you try to figure out what the artist tried to say, hehe… Anyway, have a look at the video below and enjoy some cool Spanish punk :)



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