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“Mandarina Chicharra” New Mural by Liqen In London


“Mandarina chicharra” or “Tangerine Cicada” is Liqen‘s latest wall painted in the course of a few days spent in Dulwich, London.
Crazy and colourful as usual, Liqen’s imagery is never superficial and always seems to spring from some kind of weird acid trip, always incredible, always interesting, always intriguing.
The artist explains his piece as follows:

“This body Buzzer with Tangerine, Utlutl snout, is home to a renowned Huendejaat, … here seeking refuge to avoid the giant old premature and short ideas who spends all day in front of Protomator, sort of genetic controller, ideal through other subcontrollers injected at a rate of200 rauns per second, which kills the imagination abusing him, transforming his mind in a dirty rag and easily be vulgar insult, sorely in need of vitamin C that this endemic of our imagination can offer. “

According to Liqen the primary meaning of this new mural has a connection to the site where it was painted, a school courtyard in Dulwich…


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