Urban Pill

Christopher Derek Bruno In Rome


Artist and designer Christopher Derek Bruno was recently in Roma as part of his European tour where he painted this wonderful wall curated by 999Contemporary gallery as part of a public project in Via Ostiense.
As we can appreciate here, there is a recurrent theme in Derek Bruno’s work, the image of the line intersecting a series of objects or forms, a fundamental exploration of perception where the artist employs a combination of both two and three-dimensional imagery, basic shapes, colors and proportions in order to illustrate this mental process. And well, the gallery’s description says a lot by itself:

“It’s a 20x10ft wall representing a step of the infinite Derek research in objective-subjective view of reality. The white line represents the reality and the squares are slices of human space-time interactions with reality, in the left side the objective reality, in the right side subjective reality, the overlapped areas represent the contact zones between humans in space-time coordinates.As usual in Derek work colors comes from CYMK palette, “why use other colors if they all come from these basic colors”.”



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